2013 Gaming Archive #21: The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed

Forcing My Way Through This Game

I’ve sat here for quite a while, trying hard to think of a colorful way to start this post off. I really have. But somehow I don’t think picturesque language, flowery metaphors, or (un)funny puns will be able to spice up what’s ultimately doomed to be a bland write-up about a bland game. There, I’ve said it. So if you thought The Force Unleashed was “great fun” or “a swell time”, stop reading now. You’ll find no such accolades here. Which is sad, because, with a name like The Force Unleashed, you’d expect nothing less than for a great time to be had by all. Continue reading


BNBGAMING’s Top “Oh Shit!” Moments

Oh Shit! Moments

That’s a Mouthful!

Any game, any genre, any developer likely hopes to attain that one pure moment of unadulterated enjoyment among its audience, that one moment when you, the gamer, forget everything around you, and just can’t hold back a loud shout of profanity, because simply nothing else will suffice to express your pent-up admiration for the game in front of you. Sometimes, when lengthy soliloquies just don’t do the trick, a simple “Oh Shit!” says so much. Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 17: Mines, Dragons, and Star Wars…Oh My!

Shotglass Chess

From the Ashes…

After a brief hiatus – and by “brief”, we mean several months of site redesign, staff changes, and a complete retooling of our features -, the ol’ BNBGAMING crew is back with a brand new episode of PodBytes! Listen in as we kick off an easy-going conversation about our favorite pastime, and see where it takes us. Continue reading

Top 5: Badasses

Top Badasses

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Some games are all about characters getting in touch with their sensitive sides. Characters who’d rather talk it out and like to play by the rules. And then there’s games that feature some absolutely full-throttle, balls-to-the-wall badasses, and are proud of it. Today, we celebrate the rebels, the characters who’ve ventured off the beaten path, the characters who kick some ass first and ask questions later. Continue reading

Top 5: Game Songs

Top Game Songs


A lot of attention is generally paid to a video game’s graphics – people want to know whether the newest AAA title is taking full advantage of the system’s graphics hardware, and how well game developers can narrow the Uncanny Valley. Fair enough; gaming is, after all, a visual medium (the term video in itself being a strong indicator). Continue reading

PodBytes – Episode 16: Star Wars

Star Wars

We Just Might Let the Wookie Win

George Lucas may be retiring from major motion pictures, but that doesn’t stop the staff at BnB from throwing around Star Wars references like it’s going out of style. In addition to constantly checking our Midichlorian count (just in case!), dreaming of one day becoming nerf herders, and doing our best to become fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, you’ll always find at least one of us secretly practicing his Force Choke ability, because practice makes perfect. Continue reading