Backlog Redux 2014 #23 – South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Super Sweet!

I’ve already went on at some length about how closely The Stick of Truth sticks to the TV show’s look and sense of humor. Though back then I was still in the game’s initial stages, they really set the tone for what was to come. And boy was I not disappointed! It took me a little longer to finish the game than I thought (I took a break about midway through), the insanity continued coming a mile a minute, blow-by-blow. If anything, the game’s latter half is even more hilarious than the beginning was. Continue reading

The Perfect South Park Game Experience?

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Now This Is What I’ve Been Waiting For in a South Park Game!

I won’t claim I know every South Park game that’s ever come out on the market (though there probably aren’t all that many). I used to have that crappy N64 game, which was nothing more than an awful turkey shooter, from what I remember – but hey, it was three-dimensional, which was new at the time, and offered a chance (an extremely limited chance!) to explore the town of South Park in three dimensions, which was more lifelike than the show, which was also pretty new at the time. More recently I had the chance to play Tenorman’s Revenge when I reviewed it on XBLA. I liked Tenorman’s Revenge, and it was plainly obvious that it was a game more in tune with the sensibilities of the show, which is to say stuffed full of politically incorrect, crass toilet humor. But the tone was right, and in a franchise known primarily for its edgy humor, that’s what matters.

But all of that has now been literally blown out of the water with the recent release of South Park: The Stick of Truth! Continue reading