I got my start gaming at an early age, gathering around my friend’s Commodore 64 with a group of friends and playing simple text, and knowing I was hooked.  Before long, I had graduated to a GameBoy (back when it still displayed only various shades of green) and an NES. This was before the advent of used game stores, and a kid’s pocket money could only stretch so far, so new game purchases were few and far between.

I have since moved through a good chunk of home consoles; NES, GameBoy, SNES, a brief stint on the Sega GameGear (which I didn’t stick with due to the prohibitively copious battery requirement), N64, and GameCube.  After the N64, I moved on to Sony for a long time, owning both the PS1 & PS2, then switching over to Microsoft’s Xbox & 360.  In the current-gen console war, I’ve stuck with the Xbox 360. I actually own a broken PS3, which only worked long enough for me to get through a couple of games.

The PC played a big part in gaming for me also, most notably introducing me to point-and-click and text-driven adventure games. Some of these games also gave me a start to writing about games: I wrote my first game walkthrus and point lists based on Sierra adventure games I was playing at the time.

During the day, whilst attending to normal worldly pursuits, I teach middle school, but once home I endulge the gamer in me.  Consoles, on-line PC MMOs, gaming magazines, old-school role-playing books, and occasional tabletop sessions of DnD are all part of my regular diet.

I’ve been writing about games for my own enjoyment for a large part of my life, and have finally taken the leap and decided to put what I’m writing out there. When not writing on my blog, I spent my time writing and editing for BNBGAMING until its close in 2012, and more recently for The Baer Report with fellow BNB alumni, as well as at AdventureGamers.

Opinions are a dime a dozen, and everybody has their own, so why you’d be interested in what I have to say, I’m not totally sure.  But if you find anything thought-provoking, helpful, or worthy of notice as my thoughts ramble and stray, awesome!  With that said, and if you’ve read all of this to this point, let me come to a close with a call to action for all fellow nerds out there: Game On, Gamers!!


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