Gaming Podcasts

Podcast_microphoneRecorded with and featuring appearances by some of the, in my humble opinion, best up-and-coming writers and bloggers in games journalism from all across the globe, these podcasts are what you get when we got together and sat down to talk games and simply have a good time.

We’re bringing sexy back. You can thank us later.


Dealing with various current events, games, and topics all across gaming (including one very memorable drunken holiday podcast!) each episode finds us sharing our views and – frequently – breaking into terrible, nauseating fits of punny goodness.

*Episodes 1-7 do exist; I am working on getting them up here*

Episode 8 – Is There a Cutoff Age in Gaming?

Episode 9 – Pre-Owned Games

Episode 10 – Gaming Addictions

Episode 11 – Collector’s Editions

Episode 12 – Skyrim

Episode 13 – Multiplayer Moments

Episode 14 – Happy Holidays

Episode 15 – Flight Sims

Episode 16 – Star Wars

Mass Effect 3 Special

Episode 17 – Mines, Dragons, and Star Wars…Oh My!

Episode 18 – FF, E3, and Other Ms

E3 2012 Special

Episode 19 – Too Young for the Blue Pills

Episode 20 – Happy Birthday, America!

Episode 21 – Hoorah for Ouya!

Episode 22 – No Games For You!

Episode 23 – It’s Time to Play a Game

Well Played

We not only write about games, we play them too! In Well Played, we go off on our own to play some loved (or hated) classics, then come together to cry about discuss them. Man, we’re clever.

Episode 1 – Earthbound & The Getaway

Episode 2 – Deadly Premonition & X-Com


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